Adult Students


We have provided educational opportunities to tens of thousands of adults around the world.

Below are just some of the student testimonials we’ve received:


Joel, an IT consultant from Michigan, passed all certification exams and received both the MCSE and CCNA certifications within four months.

“I was thrilled to learn all the courses I wanted were affordable and accessible to me directly through the Internet in real-time, at any time, from anywhere.”

“After signing up for the courses, I started using them immediately to prepare for all the certification exams. The courses were easy to use, highly interactive and made learning easier.”

Ava Archie

“I want to say how impressed I am with the fact that the PMI (credential issuing agency) has registered the curriculum for the Project Management Program at NEF University.  I’m looking forward to completing the course, and considering my current unemployed status, I’m grateful for the affordability of the course. University’s Learning Management System and interactive video platform is providing an exceptional opportunity for people like me, and I’m especially grateful for the accessible and gracious Dr. Kuttan. NEF University is true to the organization’s Motto & Mission Statement.”


Radio Co-Host

“In no time at all I was signed up with the ISP and using the NEF CompTIA A+ courses. The skill assessment testing quickly determined my main area of skill weakness, and provided me with a custom learning path. I passed the CompTIA A+ exam five days after I started using the courses!”


Hospital Worker

“I like the interactive elements because they let you know instantly how well you are doing. That’s something else I like about the course in general – when you get it wrong it says so right away. This allows me to correct myself before moving on to a new topic.”

“The self-paced e-Learning permits me to learn at my own pace within my busy schedule, and they satisfy the financial requirements of my employer. This would be a wonderful solution for a lot of companies and individuals permitting learning to occur conveniently anytime, anyplace.”

Sonya Shearin

“NEF has provided me with the tools necessary for a competitive workforce. The highly interactive courses reinforced my understanding of familiar programs, and the user-friendly functions made learning unfamiliar programs easy. With my new skill sets, I am now confident about changing career paths.”

Cynthia Duvall

“The on-line computer course has really given me the confidence and skills needed to succeed in such a computer driven world. I am now able to better complete my reports, submit data and create Spreadsheets. I have increased my knowledge of how to do PowerPoint which has really helped since I often do presentations in which I use it. I am glad that I had the opportunity to participate in the program and would recommend it to others.”


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